Save the Wilson Creek Forest

This 8 minute video of the Wilson Creek Forest shows this beautiful forest in all its pristine glory and lays out the reasons why it needs to be protected from the threat of eminent logging. This never-before-logged area is just a 10 minute drive from Roberts Creek and has a wonderful community trail that winds down to the pristine and untouched forest edges of Wilson Creek.
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It is the last large intact forest in the entire Wilson Creek Watershed and the key western most forest that lies within the proposed Elphinstone Park Expansion boundaries. Click the Picture To See the Video

Among its many important features, are a number of groves of the threatened Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem which the government states are threatened province wide.This forest was under deferment(for further study) from being logged because of the efforts of many of the community, however the logging company has restated its intentions to log… this area is worth permanently saving…Click the Picture To See the Videowe are sure you will agree…

Help Protect the Last of the Old Growth and Natural Mt. Elphinstone Forests!