Q: Why Should We Save Ancient Forests?

A: The five Principal Arguments for Saving Ancient Forests Are as Follows:

1. They are simply ecologically unreproducable.

2. They contain a myriad of life-forms that no second growth forest can support.

3. Second growth forests can easily yield an annual allowable cut of today’s levels without the need to encroach any further into ancient forests.

4. Less than two percent of all productive forest land in the Sunshine Coast Forest District is protected.

5. We need at least 30 percent for biodiversity to be preserved.

There is no such thing as managing an ancient forest or having a certified forest that meets ecological standards. Ancient forests must be left alone, without any interference by man.

Source: Paul Jones – Ancient Forests Authority

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Q: What Forest Service Map areas do Roberts Creek, Gibsons, Mt Elphinstone and Dakota Ridge fall under?

A: They are all considered as being a part of the Chapman & Howe Landscape Units.

Q: How much of the Sunshine Coast forests (Timber Supply Area – TSA) are protected?

A: According to the MOF Public Discussion Paper – the Timber Supply Review that sets the AAC (annual allowable cut) only 2% of the whole area (which extends up into Desolation Sound) is set aside for parks and ecological reserves.


Sunshine Coast TSA core area= 1,560,426 hectares

2% of this is parks and ecological reserves (30,481 hectares)

4% of this is private land (62,129 hectares)

67% of this is non-forest (1,041,953 hectares)

The remaining 27% is productive forest (425,863 hectares)

Of this productive forest, approximately half or 222,894 hectares makes up the timber harvesting land base.

Source: Ministry of Forests (MOF) , Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Sunshine Coast District

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