Ancient Forests, the Canopy and Ecosystems

The five Principal Arguments for Saving Ancient Forests Are as Follows:

1. They are simply ecologically unreproducable.

2. They contain a myriad of life-forms that no second growth forest can support.

3. Second growth forests can easily yield an annual allowable cut of today’s levels without the need to encroach any further into ancient forests.

4. Less than two percent of all productive forest land in the Sunshine Coast Forest District is protected.

5. We need at least 30 percent for biodiversity to be preserved.

There is no such thing as managing an ancient forest or having a certified forest that meets ecological standards. Ancient forests must be left alone, without any interference by man.


Source: Paul Jones – International Forestry Consultant -ret., Co-founder Friends of Caren, Ancient Forests Authority, Caren Range Ancient Forests Authority, Marbled Murrelet Authority – discoverer of the first active nest of the species on the Caren Range that led in 1999 to part of the Caren Range being set aside as a Class A Provincial Park.

RAINFOREST – The Limit of Splendour
Inspired by Kwaxsistalla, a Kwakwaka’wakw clan chief, the filmmaker embarks upon a cinematic journey contrasting the tree-farms that dominate the landscape surrounding his home on Vancouver Island with an ancient rainforest on the Pacific Coast of Canada.

Guided by passion and a determination to honor reality, Richard Boyce travels to the most remote corner of Vancouver Island, through some of the most intensive logging on the planet, into a wilderness that is on the brink of extinction. Massive trees, ranging in age between 1,200 years old and seedlings, thrive along the banks of an ancient river floodplain, which provides for diverse life forms in the temperate rainforest.  This film is an evocative journey, contrasting forestry as practiced for ten thousand years by First Nation’s people with modern logging.


TED Talks – Richard Preston on the giant trees

Science writer Richard Preston talks about some of the most enormous living beings on the planet, the giant trees of the US Pacific Northwest. Growing from a  tiny seed, they support vast ecosystems — and are still, largely, a mystery.  TEDTalks2008 – Filmed Feb2008

TED Talks – Nalini Nadkarni on conserving the canopy.

A unique ecosystem of plants, birds and monkeys thrives in the
treetops of the rainforest. Nalini Nadkarni explores these canopy worlds — and
shares her findings with the world below, through dance, art and bold
partnerships. TEDTalks2009 – Filmed Feb2009

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