Research – Dakota Ridge(TSL:A84612)

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Top reasons why the Dakota Ridge Ancient Forest (TSL: A84612) should be protected from proposed logging by the Ministry of Forests:

7. Home of many of the ‘Oldest Trees in Canada’ and perhaps the longest living tree in Canada. The newly discovered ‘Giant Twin’ at Dakota Ridge Forest surpasses the diameter of the 1,835 year old, longest living tree on record from the Caren Range (similar altitude and eco-system as Dakota Ridge) that was tragically cut down prior to being granted Park status in the 1990s.

6. Marbled Murrelet (Threatened Species) Nesting Habitat. They only nest in the mossy branches of Ancient Forests (the Reason why the Caren Range was saved and formed into a Provincial Park).

5. It offers increased recreational and tourism opportunities for the Sunshine Coast’s growing Dakota Ridge Winter Recreation Cross-country ski area such as snowshoeing and 1st Nations cultural tours.  Now developed as a winter sports destination, Dakota Ridge provides opportunities for the growing summer recreational activities in the area and has excellent potential as a summer recreation site.  The resources which have been invested in road access and buildings just above cut block A84612 will be a better investment for the tax payer if the area is attractive and viable for both winter and summer recreation and tourism.

4. The forest shows strong evidence of high past usage over the centuries by local First Nations (many culturally modified/ bark stripped trees are represented), has some of the oldest living trees in Canada and thus serves as a natural and cultural museum.

3. It is part of one of the last large continuous ‘chunks’ of high value yellow cedar forests left in B.C. could form the southern boundary of new Provincial Park.

2. Local residents and their community associations have strongly voiced their opinion and are in favour of saving this ancient forest now for the benefit of present and future generations. These are Public Lands and public input should be considered and part of the record.

1. And the Number 1 reason for full protection of Dakota Ridge Forest: Mid-elevation, ancient forests (1,000+ years) are a rare and threatened eco-system province-wide.

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