ELF Raises Strong Safety, Habitat, Watershed Destruction Concerns over the proposed Sale of A79517

The BC Ministry of Forest’s BCTS has put up for sale  Timber Sale Licence A79517, (cut blocks DK042, DK043 and DK044) known to the community as the  Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary.

Full details on the BCTS A79517 Timber Sale Licence can be read at this link: https://www23.for.gov.bc.ca/notices/init.do

Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) has made a recent analysis of BCTS’s   Sale and Logging plans.

In addition to our previously documented concerns regarding the destruction of Bear Habitat, Old Growth Forests, Habitat and Watershed we have seen the new information on the BCTS web site, particularly the Terrain Stability Assessment (TSA) and now see how the TSA lists several High Risk situations regarding landslides.

We are even more concerned about the destruction road construction and logging would cause to this island of old growth and the habitat it provides. We are hoping that a serious second look by BCTS and the government will convince them that this sale is not in the best environmental, economic or general public interest.

ELF comments:
BCTS A79517 Terrain Stability Assessment _ELF doc._


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