BC Timber Sales 2013 Logging Plans Presented

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July 8, 2013

BC Timber Sales 2013 Logging Plans Presented

Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) has reviewed BC Timber Sales’ (BCTS) 2013 logging proposal for the Elphinstone and Dakota Bowl areas. The scope of the logging includes 3 cutblocks on the lower Elphinstone slopes, 2 cutblocks above Gibsons and 3 in Dakota Bowl. None are in tree farms, all are in maturing, intact and old-growth forests.

On June 13th, BCTS Staff met with ELF in Sechelt to review the plan, followed by meetings with Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD), and The Sechelt Indian Band.

The plan includes clearcut logging a former forestry research plot above the Roberts-Flume FSR, 2 blocks in the Clack Creek drainage, 2 blocks above Gibsons (one at the end of Reed Rd) and 3 blocks in Dakota Bowl, including ‘The Roberts Creek Headwaters Ancient Forest’.

“We are very concerned about the continued destruction of the Elphinstone forests and the ancient forests in Dakota Bowl by BCTS. Although we appreciate meeting with them, they were basically telling us what they planned to go ahead with, without due consideration of what our forest protection group is seeking.” states Ross Muirhead of ELF. “We told them that if they didn’t plant it – then they shouldn’t be logging it. BCTS keeps talking about their ‘harvesting plans’, to soften the impact of cutting valuable intact, older forests that provide many more key values, other than just producing 2 x 4’s and telephone poles”. Muirhead said.

“It’s alarming to us that BCTS wants to log 3 cutblocks in 1,500Ha Mt. Elphinstone Prov. Park expansion area that majority of residents support. Already 60% of the lower slopes have been logged. In another few years there won’t be anything left to protect.” Hans Penner of ELF remarks. “We proposed to BCTS to cooperate in a study that will outline the ‘highest and best use’ of these forests. BCTS agreed to entertain the idea. We have submitted a draft outline and we urge SCRD to also support it.” Penner adds.

The largest amount of forest cover lost would be in Dakota Bowl where 69Ha (170 acres) of very old, ancient forests (800-1,800 year old trees) would be logged in the sub-alpine.
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