clack-creek-slider-size-2019-05-02_16-23-28Support the Expansion of the Mt Elphinstone Park - Save the Clack Creek Gallery Forest (A93884) This is a critical forest that that requires our immediate attention. It is part of the proposed expanded Mt. Elphinstone Park and provides critical connectivity between the existing 'island' parks #2 and #3. Only by preventing this logging do we get to keep an intact ecosystem in place. The province has agreed to undertake an Elphinstone Land Use Plan with the shíshálh Nation and the SCRD yet the Ministry of Forests says: “Resource management and use are expected to continue during modernized land use planning, including forest development …” ‘Forest development’ means LOGGING and specifically the Clack Creek Forest (A93884). The contentious forest blocks (one of which is the Clack Creek Forest) that triggered this Land Use Plan are the very ones that the province, through BC Timber Sales, are targeting for logging before planning has even begun! The SCRD supports protection of Clack Creek Gallery Forest (A93884), here’s why you should as well... Save the Clack Creek Gallery Forest

What’s wrong with the Sunshine Coast Community Forest?

What’s wrong with the Sunshine Coast Community Forest? The following are some of the issues/concerns we have with the present operation of the Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF): The SCCF continues to operate as a private logging company, simply selling raw logs, mainly to buyers off the coast including a significant portion exported overseas. Forest […]

A Community Forest for the Community

A Community Forest for the Community The focus of Concerned Citizens and Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) has been on protecting our drinking watersheds and the remaining natural and old growth forest. At the same time we are very much interested in the overall well being of our community. We feel that a Community Forest, if […]

Sample Letter to BCTS Opposing Blk A93884 ( Clack Creek Gallery Forest) Auction

Make a difference and state your opposition to the Clack Creek Gallery Forest Auction. Email the BCTS forester in charge today! Send to: Adam Hockin is Planning Forester. His email is Sample letter: Dear Mr. Hockin, I’m a resident of the lower Sunshine Coast and support the expansion of the Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park from 140ha […]


AJB/SURESPAN CONTINUES LOGGING IN THE CHAPMAN DRINKING WATERSHED ELF Press Release Chapman Watershed Logging Continues April ’18 Click below for Background and Campaign Page:  


The Day Road Forest is Threatened – AGAIN

Neighbourhoods of Roberts Creek are once again faced with the awful prospect of clear-cut logging adjacent to their properties. Residents living in the Locker, Grauman and Day Rd areas have been embattled with large swaths of forests emptied out of their trees by Island Timberlands (IT) based in Nanaimo. Now, it appears that IT is […]

FPB Report – ELF Press Release – Elphinstone Plant Communities at Risk From Logging

ELF Press Release FPB report on Elphinstone (sent to Ministers) (1) Read the full report at the link below: IRC212-Elphinstone See also the Twist and Shout Campaign Campaign page located under Campaigns.  

Help Protect the Last of the Old Growth and Natural Mt. Elphinstone Forests!