Letters to the Editor – Dakota Ridge

Publication: Coast Reporter
Date: September 16, 2011
Title: Dakota Ridge forest must be preserved


The Elphinstone Logging Focus group is campaigning to save Dakota Ridge ancient forest — 44 ha of ancient forest is under threat to clear-cut logging by BC Timber Sales. From the parking lot at the top of Dakota Ridge and a 20-minute walk, almost in our back yard, grows a magnificent old growth cedar, possibly the longest living tree on record in Canada — a seedling in 160 AD.

As described on www.loggingfocus.org, “The forest is essentially a cloud forest, with many fog-shrouded days and a long season of snow cover. This produces a spongy, wet forest floor with beautiful moss gardens and ancient cedars festooned with moss and lichens — ancient forests of towering yellow cedar, fir and balsam.”

The Dakota Ridge forests are not just 250-plus years old (the definition of old growth) but more in the range of 1,000 to 1,500 years old.

On 11 ha of the same 44 ha forest, 24 culturally modified trees (CMT) have been tagged. A CMT is a tree that has been altered by First Nations people as part of their traditional use of the forest. The types found include taper peels (bark harvest), notched (planks) and test-holds. The CMTs are estimated to be at least 150 years old.

I encourage residents of the Coast to support the efforts of the Elphinstone Logging Focus group.  Without environmental groups, we will lose the beauty and heritage we have come to enjoy in our magnificent country.  Standing beneath the old cedars and Douglas firs, I felt the forest breathe and was awed by its beauty.

Nadine Wong, Halfmoon Bay


Letters To the Editor Archive 2010 -2011

We wish to thank all the writers of the many Letters to the Editor regarding the effort to save The Dakota Ridge Ancient Forests. Below is a selection of the many letters throughout 2011 and late 2010.   As you can see the community is dedicated to Saving The Dakota Ridge Ancient Forests.  Thank You Again!

Help Protect the Last of the Old Growth and Natural Mt. Elphinstone Forests!