What’s wrong with the Sunshine Coast Community Forest?

What’s wrong with the Sunshine Coast Community Forest?

The following are some of the issues/concerns we have with the present operation of the Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF):

  • The SCCF continues to operate as a private logging company, simply selling raw logs, mainly to buyers off the coast including a significant portion exported overseas.
  • Forest Blocks logged are remaining “leave areas” from previous industrial logging – many in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The SCCF, owned by the District of Sechelt, operates entirely in the neighbouring communities of Roberts Creek and Halfmoon Bay. There is no participation or consultation with these communities regarding the operation of the SCCF.
  • All logs are sold via CANADIAN OVERSEAS Log & Lumber Ltd. The question is why is everything sold by one firm?
  • This may be the only Community Forest in BC that officially abolished its Community Forest Advisory Committee. Did the District of Sechelt, the sole shareholder of the SCCF approve this?
  • All meetings are conducted “in camera” – closed to the public.
  • All directors are selected by the Community Forest with no participation by the public or community organizations
  • The CF code of conduct is basically a permanent gag order, including threats of legal action for violation of the “Code”

What is urgently needed right now is a moratorium on any further logging, including the proposed Wilson Creek Watershed Block EW 28, until the Community Forest is re-organized to actually include the “Community” and operates in a way that protects the natural forest and only supplies logs for local value added business.

Concerned Citizens/Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF)
(SEE Also: A Community Forest for the Community)

(Please note: The above was prepared for the 2015 AGM of the Community Forest. Unfortunately we have seen no changes to date by the Sechelt Mayor and Council, the owners of the CF.)
It’s time for an investigation by the Ombudsman’s Office!


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