Tamo Campos music video – get down to the frontlines on Mt. Elphinstone

Tamo Campos Video - Get Down to the Frontlines on Mt. ElphinstoneA quickly put together music video of the frontline at Mt. Elphinstone.

Music by Rick Buckman Coe and the voices of Audrey, Dave, Willard Joe, Biyaals & Hans!

To view the video click the link below.



“What is lost with every passing generation?
I wonder what will be left to pass on when we go?
So I stand with the remnants of the great woods,
And I’ll stand for all that is pure and good

You are my lungs, you are my blood, you are my senses,
I was born in your garden
Can we let live, so we can live from the life she gives?
Lay down your axe, I beg your pardon

It’s getting down to the wire,
Got to get myself down to the frontlines

This is a church for all,
This is a sanctuary
We’ve already gone to far,
Won’t you show mercy?
Please don’t you loose your hounds
Bring your injunctions down,
This ain’t no gold rush town
Will your children let you live this down

When it’s gone,
it will be gone for good, forever.
But not for the good of many
And I don’t begrudge the work that some may need for family,
Surely there are better ways for all of us to prosper

It’s getting down to the wire,
Got to get myself down to the frontlines”

Join the fight at Elphinstone Logging Focus to save the Twist and Shout Forest.

Campaign page: http://www.loggingfocus.org/campaigns/protect-the-twist-and-shout-forest/


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