Reed Rd Forest Reserve Emergency Trail Walk – Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Save the Reed Rd Forest Reserve

Save the Reed Rd Forest Reserve

Upcoming Trail Walk …(runs rain or shine)

Date: Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Walk: Join us for an Emergency Reed Rd Forest Reserve Trail Walk

Details: Meet at the Gibsons Park Plaza (by the old McDonald’s) at 1pm and car pool to the trailhead.  Round trip: 3 hours. ELF has sketched out a trail  loop that takes us into the heart of the forest.

Further Details:

Emergency Walk-About in Threatened Forest Reserve. This, Sunday (April 13) ELF is hosting a guided hike through ‘The Reed Rd. Forest Reserve’ which is flagged for logging. Meet in Gibsons, at the IGA parking (south side) at 1PM. Folks this forest has been a watershed reserve from the start of Gibson’s history, but now BC Timber Sales (with support of the Province) wants to remove its protective status and commence logging at some unknown date. To top it off, this is pure Coastal Douglas-fir forest – an endangered forest ecosystem. Mark this on this one calendar as its an important campaign to join hands on, fight for and to win now and for future generations. Round trip 3 hrs. Moderate level hiking.


For more information  – Please read the below attached ad in The Local Weekly that was published for our past Trail Walk that was held Sunday, March 9th, Reed Rd Trail Walk.

Reed Rd Forest ad

Visit our Campaign page here for full details.

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Thanks again for your interest.

Ad - Reed Road  Forest Reserve Trail Walk

Ad – Reed Road Forest Reserve Trail Walk


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