Some of the many Twist and Shout Campaign supporters

Some of the many Twist and Shout Campaign supporter

October 8, 2016 – Roberts Creek BC: At yesterday’s BC Supreme Court hearing (in Vancouver, BC), the judge granted Peninsula Logging a 2nd injunction that essentially allows for the completion of logging in the ‘Twist and Shout Forest’ (cutblock A87125) within the proposed Mt Elphinstone park expansion area. While we are disappointed, we will abide by the ruling. Thus, ELF will not be participating in further civil disobedience that prevents the timber falling or log hauling. We don’t have control over other people’s actions who may take a different view, however we are not encouraging others to violate the injunction.

While we may have lost in the court of law, we feel that we’ve won in the court of public opinion. Even the judge yesterday stated that the defendants have a “worthy cause”. We will be moving ahead in bringing attention to other critical areas in the lower Elphinstone forest to the wider public, and will be attempting to bring key decision makers together to have them understand that what we need now is a moratorium on any future logging until an updated land use plan is created for this high value area. We want this cutblock to be the LAST to fall in what should be a protected blue-listed (of special concern) ecosystem.

We want to thank all those who have supported our efforts in the ‘Twist and Shout Forest’ campaign and the many who did what they could in their own unique ways. Collectively we have greatly raised the profile of this last significant low elevation old-growth forest left on the lower Sunshine Coast. Though we are losing the Twist and Shout Forest, we have increased the likelihood that we can salvage what remains of the larger proposed protected area through this battle – and that’s a win.

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