Video – Elphinstone Blockade 09|09|16 – Plus Arrests

Elphinstone Blockade 09|09|16 from rarities.mp4 on Vimeo.

Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. September 9th, 2016.

Police respond to a court injunction against an ongoing logging blockade on Mount Elphinstone. Concerned citizens are hoping to protect this area: it’s one of the older easily accessible forests on the Sunshine Coast. The BC Government considers it a “blue-listed ecosystem,” which, in their own terms, means that it’s an “ecosystem that is of special concern” as well as “formerly vulnerable”. It is also a popular recreation area, for locals and tourists alike, with mountain bikers, hikers, dog walkers, mushroom pickers, artists, and others frequenting the area every-day year-round. The iconic mountain bike trail Twister, which runs next to Mach Chicken, is in the middle of this proposed cut-block, and the cut-block is within the proposed area for a much needed expansion of the Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park from a mere 240 ha to 2000 ha. Biodiversity and tourism are both on the chopping block, without community consent.

If this concerns you, consider making your voice heard and/or body seen.

Potential government email addresses to send your concerns to:

Minister Mary Polak:, Minister Steve Thomson: cc: BCTS Executive Director:

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For More Info Visit the Campaign Page:




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