ELF Alert News: Community Forests Engagement Process (July 9 &10)


Dear ELF Supporters,

After years of our attempts to have the Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF) logging operation be more publicly accountable, the District of Sechelt, owner of SCCF, is holding 2 public meetings to discuss possible new directions in how our local forest is managed within its tenure area. The SCCF tenure includes Halfmoon Bay, Tuwanek, Gray Creek, Chapman Creek Watershed, Wilson Creek and Roberts Creek areas.

Click here or see below for information about the public consultation process that appears on DoS’ website.

We encourage you to select one of the two dates, July 9th or 10th, to attend. You need to preregister by calling 604-885-1986 or email haveyoursay@sechelt.ca

Please click here to read ELF’s concerns with how the Community Forest has been operating since its formation, and click here to see our suggestions on what a Community Forest for the community should be.

Thank you for your continued interest in how our local forests are being managed.

Ross Muirhead
Hans Penner
Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF)

Engagement Opportunities
The District of Sechelt wants to check in with citizens to ensure that the operations of the Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF) continue to reflect the values of the community. The engagement will take place over the summer and early fall of 2018 and will include opportunities for the community to learn and understand the role of the SCCF, explore new or better opportunities to be involved in the activities of the SCCF, and consider options for improvements to revenue sharing and grants.

Opportunities to have your say:
World Café (a fun and interactive participatory activity)
July 9 6pm Seaside Centre 5790 Teredo St. Sechelt
July 10 1pm Seaside Centre 5790 Teredo St. Sechelt

Please register by calling 604-885-1986 or email haveyoursay@sechelt.ca

Community Events

Farmers Market, July 21 and August 18

An online survey will launch near the end of July


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