Community Forest Betrays the Community and Completes Spacing In Chapman Creek Community Watershed

Sent to the Coast Reporter,

From: Hans Penner
Sent: March 2, 2013 11:42 AM
To: Ian Jacques
Subject: Community Forest Spacing in Chapman Creek Watershed


John Bebbington and I attended the Joint Watershed Management Advisory Committee meeting yesterday, March 1, 2013. The main reason we attended was that we had become aware that the Community Forest proposed to complete the spacing project in the Chapman Creek Community Watershed. We were shocked to find out that this forestry work in our Watershed had in fact been completed in December 2012, without notification or consultation of the SCRD or Sechelt Indian Band, joint managers of the Community Watershed.

Community Forest Chapman Creek Spacing Project

As you recall this spacing in the Watershed was attempted by the Community Forest in March 2008. When Concerned Citizens became aware of this activity in our drinking water, a blockade was erected, a demonstration was held at the District of Sechelt office and the Sechelt Band expressed its objection. Now, behind our back, while the struggle was taking place to protect the Wilson Creek Forest, the Community Forest has entered the Watershed and cut down thousands of small trees which will be left to rot on the ground. This is an outright betrayal of the community, particularly considering we have a letter on file from Len Pakulak, Chairman and President at the time of Sechelt Community Projects Inc. (copy attached) clearly stating that “In keeping with our commitment made at the meeting with you and others on Friday March 14, 2008,this letter confirms that the spacing contract for work planned in the Chapman Creek area has been permanently terminated”

SCCF`s Pakulak letter to concerned citizens

The lesson we the Community, the SCRD and the Sechelt Band have to learn out of this and the Wilson Creek destruction is we cannot trust the so called Sunshine Coast Community Forest to act responsibly and in the Community interest when it comes to our public forests and our drinking water sources.

Hans Penner


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