SCRD Residents Should Be Informed Drinking Watershed Hit Hard by Clearcut Logging

Letter to the Editor –  Coast Reporter

SCRD residents should be informed that the Chapman Creek Drinking Watershed is currently getting hit hard by clearcut logging.

Surespan of North Vancouver holds private lands in the watershed and once they completed the logging of a block in June 2016 (where a 3 month roadblock took place), they appeared to be waiting to see if the SCRD Board was going to make an offer to buy out the rest of their holdings.  When that didn’t happen over the summer, Surespan threatened to cut off SCRD’s road access to the water intake and filtration plant which runs through Surespan’s property. 

This seemed out of spite on Surespan’s part to force the SCRD’s hand. They ended up paying Surespan $15,540 to finally have control of the road access to their own infrastructure.  When Surespan realized that the SCRD was not going pursue a buy-out of their watershed lands they ordered a huge logging show to take place. 

If you drive up Field Rd, be braced to see huge swaths of land now completely open to the west side of the Chapman Valley previously screen by a thick forest covering. Research shows that 15% of the moisture in a watershed is derived from trees intercepting moisture from passing clouds causing the moisture (water) to drop to the forest floor, This function is now lost resulting in a drier and drier watershed over time.   

Ross Muirhead
Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF)


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