Wilson Creek Resident’s Call for Reconsideration Letter to Dave Lasser of SCCF

From:Penny Allport
Date: November 30, 2012
To:info1@sccf.ca, Dave Lasser – Operations Mgr, Glen Bonderud – President & Chairman
Subject: Wilson Creek Forest

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your time yesterday.

In response to your suggestion that I again write to the Board on the matter of EW002 (Wilson Creek Forest), I offer the following:

I am a Wilson Creek “stakeholder” who attended the “by invitation” meeting to hear the Hydrology report. I took the time and respect to listen first and then to speak of my own direct experience – namely that my partner and I have owned property on the creek for the past nine years and have not seen fish for some 4 or so years, as well as have had continually altered terrain (namely that we now own a partial marsh) in our upper field due to water run off, which i can only assume is coming from the cutting going on above the land and less natural means to slow the water flow downhill. I was never contacted again nor inquired of regarding my “report” which leads me to inquire as to what type of “community” input you are requesting.

More importantly than the marsh on my land, I write once again to encourage you all to respect (meaning – the willingness to LOOK AGAIN) the community and the obvious emotional, physical, spiritual and soulful connection and meaning this land represents to the people and beings of this community. There are many who, beyond the need for “recreational purposes” want this land protected for the biodiversity, elder trees and an accessible and tangible means of PUBLIC HEALTH this precious 14 hectares represents.

We want to be able to lean into these old ones with our grandchildren, feel their roots meeting beneath our feet and look around and up at the canopy to directly FEEL the web of connection we all belong to. This cannot be done in tree museums, wooden benches and in our manicured forests.

Including the voice of the whole community – meaning the finned, the feathered, the furred, the four legged, six legged, eight legged etc. is a sign of an authentic “community” approach. This forest is a living organism, and simply protecting the few elders, does not represent a conscious act of forestry management.

Is it too much to ask that you consider the HEART of COMMUNITY – a perceptual organ, rather than a blood pumping machine. The damage done by the blatant disregard for the diversity of voices, will do more damage than the “profit” this land represents.

Please call a meeting of the many voices who represent the diversity of concern, a mediator who can consciously and kindly facilitate us through this maze, and perhaps offer a portal to possible creative solutions that has not been available through our separation. We are all in this together.

I thank you whole heatedly for your presence of mind to push the PAUSE button and reconsider this act.

Penny Allport


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