‘The Community Forest’ – an Ed Hill painting depicting the Wilson Creek Forest

‘The Community Forest’ – an Ed Hill painting depicting the Wilson Creek Forest

Dear Supporters of Elphinstone Logging Focus and the Save the Wilson Creek Forest efforts.

The battle is not over and we are not going down without a fight to get Mayor and Council and SCCF and their local Board of directors to wake up and listen to the community in their cries to Stop the logging of this ‘jewel’ of a forest.

The Community Forest

The Community Forest by Ed Hill

To aid all of us in our efforts we are today announcing that Ed Hill, an artist in Gibsons, BC, has created an original work of art (Click Here to fully view – The Community Forest) from his last visit to the Wilson Creek Forest (SCCF cutblock EW002).

The Sunshine Coast Artist Gathering – approximately three weeks ago. See Recent posts – Artist Gathering

From this visit Ed has created a painting, ‘The Community Forest’. This work of art depicts the Wilson Creek Forest (a SC Community Forest cutblock EW002), a much loved and trailed old growth and natural forest close to Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast, after it has been logged by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest logging company. Unfortunately, if logging is not stopped soon it will end up looking like Ed Hill’s painting or much worse.

This email is to let you know that postcards of Ed Hill’s ‘The Community Forest’ are out, available and being mailed to and dropped off to to District of Sechelt Mayor John Henderson and Council and the Sunshine Coast Community Forest’s president Mr. Glen Bonderud and his local board of directors. The post cards have Ed’s story of the work’s creation on the back and blank space on the inside of the card where the community can write their message to stop this logging and further further elimination of our legacy, our Old growth and Natural – unlogged forests on the lower Mt. Elphinstone Slopes before it is all gone. The purpose of the card with messages is to send a loud signal – Calling for Immediate Stoppage of Further Logging and Support the Proposed Mt Elphinstone Park Expansion Today

Additionally a website has been created where the painting and story behind it can be seen and where people are encouraged to pass along the link by email to spread the word to STOP LOGGING NOW.. This website can be viewed at the address below:

People are also encouraged to Spread the word, Get Informed and Take Action by going to:


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