SCCA Now Supports Protection of Wilson Creek Forest (EW002)

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SCCA Now Supports the protection of the Wilson Creek Forest (EW002) as the key western 'Anchor' Forest in Their Proposed Mt Elphinstone Park Expansion Boundaries

Call for the Protection of Wilson Creek Forest (EW002) Is Growing

SCCA Now Supports Protection

Protection of Wilson Creek Forest (EW002) is Now Supported by the SCCA (Sunshine Coast Conservation Association) where The Wilson Creek Forest is the key Western ‘Anchor’ Forest in their boundary areas for the proposed expansion of Mt. Elphinstone Park. (SEEN on the picture at the right the Wilson Creek Forest represents a triangle like area on the far left of the map – the far left border is Wilson Creek)


SCCA calls for expansion of Mt. Elphinstone Park

There is an established array of scientific, social and economic reasons why the mid-elevation Mount Elphinstone slopes should be considered for protection under BC’s Protected Areas Strategy.

Presently three separate parcels of forests, totalling 139 hectares, make up Mt. Elphinstone Park. The SCCA believes it is time to move forward and create a contiguous mid-elevation park on the western slopes of the mountain. This important subzone is critically under-represented locally, regionally and provincially in BC’s protected areas system.

With the addition of the SCCA now supporting the majority of the sunshine coast calling for the protection of the Wilson Creek Forest (cutblock EW002)  we are asking the District of Sechelt (Mayor and council) and the SCCF* (Sunshine Coast Community Forest) to have the foresight to plan for the future and listen to the community (Call for protection is also supported by the RCCA (Roberts Creek Community Association), Davis Bay and Wilson Creek Associations) and do the right thing and stop the proposed logging of this ‘Jewel’ of a forest, one of  the last unlogged intact forests in the already over logged (86%) Wilson Creek Watershed.

*SCCF (Sunshine Coast Community Forest) –  President /CEO Glenn Bonderud, Operations Manager – Dave Lasser

About the SCCA:
The Sunshine Coast Conservation Association is a volunteer association representing over thirty local conservation and community groups, plus individual members dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of our air, water, forests, and marine environments for all time.

Their mission is pursued through educational outreach to First Nations, regional governments, civic organizations, industrial stakeholders and the general public.

Their activities include publishing, researching, public speaking and hosting educational forums. Assisting our member groups in achieving their conservation objectives is an important role of the SCCA, as is assisting other community organizations with their environmental concerns. We are also a watchdog and advocate, holding decision-makers to account when conservation assets are at risk and encouraging government though educational and legal means to follow its own regulations.

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