An ELF (Elphinstone Logging Focus) 2012 Year End Update

First and above all else, we want to thank each and everyone of you that joined to help and support the Community’s efforts to save and protect the last of the remaining intact close proximity old-growth and natural forests on the lower and upper Elphinstone slopes.

What we all saw was that a community can come together, rise up, contribute and say no to the status quo – that wholesale logging of our forests without managing for the community’s interests is unacceptable. You are part of a growing group that recognizes the value in protecting these forests as a lasting legacy for all and that they provide more long-term benefits to the community left standing than logged.

As 2012 comes to a close, and as all of us reflect on the year gone by, we would like to take a step back and put into context why our forest protection efforts are important.

Big Picture and Our Objectives:
First and to dispel the big myth perpetrated by the logging interests and the unenlightened, we are not against logging – it will continue and no one should be as naive to think that all needs to be stopped. However, we believe that protecting old growth and un-logged forests (government, publicly owned or tenured) lying within key forest and key habitat areas is important.

Therefore Our Key Forest Protection Campaigns Fall Into Two Categories:
1) Never been logged – natural and old growth forests that are on the lower Elphinstone slopes in close proximity to the community and therefore for community use – that also lie within the 1500Ha Mt Elphinstone Park Expansion proposal, and

2) Ancient Forests – these are forests that contain trees that are in excess of 1000+ years old, primarily lying on the upper Elphinstone Slopes, in the Dakota Ridge and surrounding areas and have never been impacted by fire.  See the Save the Dakota Ridge Ancient Forests (1000+ 1500+ year old trees and forests are now protected – possibly some of the oldest living trees in Canada) – an ELF success.  But still threatened and requiring protection are the Roberts Creek Headwaters Ancient Forest (DK045) and nearby proposed cutblocks of Ancient Forests.

So How Do We Achieve Our Objectives?
For a start, government bodies on the district, municipal and provincial levels and the forest companies need to be contacted and strongly made aware of the need for protection – GoTo the Take Action Page – It Takes 2 Minutes to start to make a difference – Everything Is Done For You – Emails-Messages-Contacts, therefore…

We are in favour of a protected area strategy for the Lower Elphinstone Slopes for the 1500 Ha Mt Elphinstone Park Expansion: Click Here

We are in favour of the LRUP (Local Resource Use Plan): Click Here

We are in favour of protecting the Ancient Forests:  Click Here To Protect Roberts Creek Headwaters Ancient-Forest

Wilson Creek Forest (EW002)
Now with regard to the Wilson Creek Forest – Thank you to all that stood and supported the efforts of the Community to Protect the Wilson Creek Forest.

Despite the fact that for over 1 1/2 years many in ‘the Community’ visited this forest and despite overwhelming calls for protection from ‘the Community’, the District of Sechelt, Mayor John Henderson and Council and the SCCF (Sunshine Coast Community Forest), President Mr. Glen Bonderud and his local board of directors (Directors:Stan Anderson,Tim Anderson, Vice Chair, Glen Bonderud, Chair & President, Dale Eichar, Cam Forrester, Tony Greenfield, Peter Moonen, Tom Pinfold, Elise Rudland), in a short sighted decision tragically chose to ignore and not listen to ‘the Community’ and not Managed For ‘The Community’s’ Interests and proceeded with logging and the destruction of this special forest.

Unfortunately, this forest will now end up looking like Ed Hill’s painting, ‘The Community Forest’, or much worse (Note – See Also – Ed Hill`s Wilson Creek Forest Artist Gathering). Today we mourn this loss of an irreplaceable natural forest with all of its biodiversity. We call to stop this and further elimination of our legacy, our old-growth and natural – un-logged forests on the lower Mt. Elphinstone Slopes before they are all gone.  Support the Proposed Mt Elphinstone Park Expansion Today.

We’ll close with two comments written by ‘Community’ members that have experienced this forest and supported its protection:

Heather Conn – As the Wilson Creek forest falls to logging, I am reminded of the simple message: “Never give up.” Otherwise, a person loses heart, a community crumbles, dreams disappear. When it seems like no one is listening and no one cares, don’t despair. There will always be people who care. And those who truly care take action….

This show reinforced to me what one person’s determination and the positive spirit of a community can do. It all starts with caring, then action. Never give up.

Shannon Woode – a concerned mother and artist who helped organize an educational walk in the Wilson Creek Forest, says in a poem:

This is my prayer for a new beginning
May the Wilson Creek Forest become a legacy that moves us to a new beginning. May our leaders follow with open heart.
May this be the last forest of awe to be slashed from history.

Seasons Greetings To All

Elphinstone Logging Focus

Get Informed >>Get Involved>>Take Action – Today!

Much More to Come in the New Year…

Never give up…


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