Sample Letter to BCTS Opposing Blk A93884 ( Clack Creek Gallery Forest) Auction

Make a difference and state your opposition to the Clack Creek Gallery Forest Auction. Email the BCTS forester in charge today!
Send to: Adam Hockin is Planning Forester. His email is
Sample letter:
Dear Mr. Hockin,
I’m a resident of the lower Sunshine Coast and support the expansion of the Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park from 140ha to 2,000ha, to secure biodiversity and recreational values for our region.
I’m firmly opposed to Blk A93884 being put up for auction, especially as it is currently under consideration for protection by the Province. This area is locally known as the Clack Creek Gallery Forest for good reason, as it’s a beautiful natural forest exhibiting a host of mature and old-growth features with a wonderful hiking trail throughout. It’s an opportunity to achieve connectivity between existing park parcels #2 and #3, which must be the goal of the province in correcting this poorly designed park configuration. The forest also contains the largest and highest density of snow bramble (blue-listed Rubus Nivalis) in the province. In addition, it retains a rare, mature western red cedar – sword fern plant community, that the Forest Practices Board recently recommended be moved up to red-listed status, which demands a protocol for protection. Moreover, protection of this forest respects the community of Roberts Creeks OCP and the SCRD’s bylaw 641. The expanded Mt Elphinstone Park is the lower Coasts last and only opportunity to salvage a significant low elevation natural forested area, as so little else remains here. We need this expanded park to protect local biodiversity and for the many community values that more tree farms cannot fulfill. We need it as a place to teach our children what a real forest is so they can learn about and appreciate nature. Please reassure me that Blk A93884 will be removed from BCTS’ 5 year plan.
Signed: ________________________________  


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