Status Report – TSL: A84612 – Dakota Ridge

Status Report: – TSL: A84612 – The Dakota Ridge Ancient Forests (below the Dakota Ridge Recreation Area)

Timber Sale License – TSL A84612 is comprised of cutblocks #WC045, WC022 and DK045

Subject: Good News – All of Our Efforts ‘Pay Off’

Date: March 1, 2012

We are pleased to inform you that an important old-growth, yellow-cedar forest, has finally been granted protection status by the Province.  Cutblocks #WC045 and WC022,  the ‘Dakota Ridge Ancient Forests’ (as we named it) will become part of an Old Growth Management Area (OGMA) set aside to protect bio-diversity and social values.  We first got wind that the area was up for sale by BC Timber Sales (BCTS) back in Nov. 2010, and that logging contractors had till the end of that year to bid on it.  Through a series of quick initiatives, we got the logging deferred.  You may have sent in a protest mail-in card we produced, or attended one of the many guided walks into see the big trees. BCTS began to notice that logging such a gem was not what the public wanted in our region.  It was a community-wide effort.  Thanks to the volunteer trail-builders and shishalh elders for their support. We did what we had to do – and now this ancient forest lives on.

We still have an issue with BCTS (surprised?), as they are not granting protection of another old-growth forest  – Cutblock #DK045 – (part of this same timber sale ) is on the slopes (top of B&K Rd, onto Dakota Creek Rd). We will be telling you more about in the  coming months.  This is an area we’re naming, ‘The Roberts Creek Headwaters Ancient Forest’ and is another amazing forest – big trees, bear den sites and sensitive wetlands.

Date: September 26, 2011 – logging is still under deferment pending archaeology survey and final decision of the Ministry of Forestry.

Take Action:  It is not too late to make your voice heard to save these forests.  Follow the Get Involved` tab and then Take Action“ tab to write an email – Everything is there to make it easy for you.  It will only take 3 minutes!

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