RCOCPC Letter to MoF – Cut Block A84612 should not be harvested

Roberts Creek Official Community Plan Committee (RCOCPC) Letter to Ministry of Forests(MoF)

Cut Block A84612 (Dakota Ridge Ancient Forests) should not be harvested.

Read attached pdf letter for full details: RCOCPC Letter to MoF -BCTS Cutblocks 7_25_11_1

Executive Summary Notes:

Regarding Cutblock Cut Block A84612 – Dakota Ridge Ancient Forests – should not be harvested

The cut blocks proposed for sale and harvesting raise serious concerns that need to be considered prior to advertising to prospective bidders.

Cut Block A846124 is located directly adjacent to PMFL previously owned by CNI that has been completely harvested.   It is surrounded by previously logged Crown Land cut blocks A48268 and nearby 48269A.   The additional proposal to harvest cut block A87106 for 2011/2012 will complete the encirclement of A846124 by harvested blocks.

In addition to the severely degraded ecosystem caused by such extensive logging in this area, cut block A846124 is in close proximity to one of Mt. Elphinstone’s small and isolated parks. As well, it contains a well used and much loved hiking and biking trail, the Trailfest/Wagonroad, a wildlife corridor and recreation route connecting the three separate park parcels on Mt. Elphinsotne.  Logging in this block may provide sunshine for some trail users but will destroy forest habitat that has already been degraded by extensive harvesting in the area.

Cut Block A84612 should not be harvested.

Cut Block A84612 is Old Growth, is valued for its very existence and should not be harvested due to the fact that few stands of Old Growth remain on Mt. Elphinstone.   In addition to the issue of whether or not culturally modified trees are within the stand, this cut block is also valued for its location alongside the road approach to Dakota Ridge Recreation Site.  Now developed as a winter sports destination, Dakota Ridge also has excellent potential as a summer recreation site.  The resources which have been invested in road access and buildings just above cut block A84612 will be a better investment for the tax payer if the area is attractive and viable for summer sports as well.

Read attached pdf letter for full details: RCOCPC Letter to MoF -BCTS Cutblocks 7_25_11_1

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