Reed Rd Forest Reserve – reconsidered for logging

Mr. Lorne Lewis
Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) Director
Area E (Elphinstone) 
Dear Mr. Lewis,
You are aware of the area (Lot 1313) on the slopes behind Gibsons, now referred to as ‘The Reed Rd Forest Reserve‘ and the history of it as a BC Timber Sales Blk 91376.
You participated on a public walk in 2014 on a loop trail built by several volunteers which is now a popular hiking route, a mere 10 minutes from the IGA Mall off Hwy 101.    
As a SCRD Board member and representative for the area (where the forest is located) you will also be aware of the fact that under the auspices of the BCTS Senior Planner Norm Kempe (Campbell River) he removed the block from their cutblock plans in 2015 due to over-whelming public support. This was met with delight by ELF (the lead environmental group advocating for its protection), along with dozens of local residents (including 3rd generation Gibsons resident Ms. Sandy Russell & retired RPF Tony Richmond – both pictured below).  The naming of the forest included the word ‘RESERVE’ because the forest was granted this protective status in the 1920’s to protect it from logging with the objective maintaining the hydrology to nearby heritage farms. Reserve status was removed at some point when the Ministry of Forests took over the Lands Dept.  
During this time, BCTS officials removed Mr. Kempe from managing this South Coast area to new a Manager located in Chilliwack (Mr. Kerry Grozier) – the Chinook Division  In early 2016, ELF received BCTS’ 5 year logging plan from BCTS Chilliwack office as part of their consultation process and was very surprised to see that Blk 91376 is set to be logged in 2017!
Mr. Kempe encouraged the SCRD and Squamish Indian Band to begin discussions and prepare a management plan for the area, which included the SCRD re-zoning the lot.
When I contacted the RPF for the Chinnook Division (Mr. Adam Hockin) asking why the block was still being considered for logging when a previous decision was made to remove it, he simply stated that BCTS was waiting to hear back from the Regional District and the Squamish Indian Band what their recommended land status would be for the area.  
It would appear that until BCTS receives a formal reply from SCRD (and/or Squamish Indian Band) the area is back on their plans to clearcut log sometime 2017.
If ‘The Reed Rd. Forest Reserve’ was logged due to bureaucratic inertia, when it could have been saved, the community will be up in arms.
We have talked on this point before, and I still have not heard any forthcoming news that would lead to me to be confident that this forest campaign has been resolved.
Can you please bring this outstanding issue to top of your priority list in the next 3-4 months – keeping us and BCTS in the loop?
If you happen to have any updated information to add to this story then please share it with us so we may also know.   
Thanks you for your attention to this matter.
Best Regards,
Ross Muirhead
Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF)
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