Protect the Elphinstone Community Health Trail

Elphinstone Community Health Trail (Google Map)Elphinstone Community Health Trail – Grand Opening – Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) invites local residents to the opening of a new trail that connects up a large section of the lower Elphinstone forest slopes. The recently completed trail links up 2 of the isolated Elphinstone Parks taking you through some beautiful stands of emerging old-growth.  See our recent ad in the Health Trail ad October 26

Elphinstone Community Health Trail

Elphinstone Community Health Trail

The trail guides us through a key part of the Mt. Elphinstone Prov. Park expansion proposal area. This new protected zone would protect vital resources, such as forest wildlife habitat, wildcrafting and treasured recreational opportunities for future generations.

To access Trail Map click on the attached pdf map link below:



To view images and get further background details check out the campaigns section on the website here, view our facebook page and the images taken by TJ Watt of the Ancient Forest Alliance.

The Health Trail is approx. 4kms (2.5 miles) in length on varied terrain crossing 10 creeks on narrow foot bridges. This trail has a 7.5 rating for difficulty. Hikers must be in good shape. Estimated round trip: 3.5 hrs. No dogs as cougar, bear, deer, elk, bobcat, pheasants, fox (sighted 12/10/13) and grouse are found throughout the Elphinstone area. Kids 10 yrs and older are encouraged to try it out.

In Japan, there’s a term; ‘Forest Bathing’ to reflect the positive benefits that the forest green and its oxygen production has on health. These trees are working 24/7 for us. Once you discover this awesome new trail route then make it a part of your regular outdoor recreation.

Come out Saturday, October 26th, 2013 meeting at 10:30am along the B & K Rd off Hwy 101. At the power lines pull over to the right. Bring lunch, water and/or hot beverages.

June 5th, 2013 New ‘Elphinstone Community Health Trail’ Opens

Across the lower slopes of Mt. Elphinstone lies a provincially unique forest ecosystem. Where in the B.C. do you find a mountain slope rising gently from the ocean eventually meeting the rugged Coast Mountains? Right here on the lower Sunshine Coast and its something to experience and celebrate.

Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) invites all outdoor enthusiasts to walk a new trail that goes across an unexplored section of the Elphinstone slopes. The trail is a large loop taking us to towering Douglas-fir Veterans, through fern filled mossy gullies, follows animal trails and comes out into secret grottos.

Another Gallery of Photos – Thanks to the Ancient Forest Alliance

The David Suzuki Foundation is challenging Canadians to commit to spending 30 minutes per day outside in nature for 30 days to help improve over all health. In this spirit, we’ve decided to call the trail ‘The Elphinstone Community Health Trail’. We encourage parents to bring their children along for this inspiring walk through some of the greenest forests on the planet. Let’s get moving and have this forest become part of our weekly health regime.

Elphinstone Community Health TrailELF respects that these Elphinstone slopes are on shishalh traditional territory (Sechelt) and that these lands were never sold or given away to the ‘Crown’. In addition, these forests provide bio-diversity for many forms of life.




RC-Elp-Park-loop+IM MedMktr 039 RC-Elp-Park-loop+IM MedMktr 031

Elphinstone Community Health Trail

Trailhead #1: drive up B & K Rd (past powerlines) and keep driving in a north-east direction past the first turn-off (Roberts-Flume FSR).
Within 2-3 mins. begin looking for a pull-out on the right handside and park here.
Look for a Health Trail sign in parking area providing directions to trailhead.
The trailhead is found by walking up logging road (off B & K) abo
ut 2 mins. and looking for Health Trail sign on the left.
Trailhead #2: turn off B & K Rd at the Roberts-Flume FSR, traveling in a north-west direction.
Cross a bridge that goes over Roberts Creek, past an old gravel pit and follow road as it turns north.
From gravel pit travel approx. 2-3 mins. watching for Health Trail signage on your left.
Park above or below the sign and walk in.


Hiker Notes:
The Elphinstone Community Health Trail, from East to West Trail heads, is approx. 4.4 km long. The Trail winds over creeks and emerging old growth forest below the Roberts Flume FSR Rd – 8546 branch. It should take a healthy hiker 3 1/2 hours to hike the trail – bring water, snacks, the appropriate footwear and dress accordingly.
The trail can be accessed and walked at either of the East, Mid point or West Trail Heads.

The Elphinstone Community Health Trail is on traditional shishalh lands

Plants of the Elphinstone Community Health Trail. – Recent Photos Taken (Photo Credits and  (c) Alan Sirulnikoff – Thank You Alan)


Wild Ginger.Elphinstone

Wild Ginger.Elphinstone. (c) Alan Sirulnikoff

Pinesap. Indian Pipe.Elphinstone forest

Pinesap. Indian Pipe.Elphinstone forest, (c) Alan Sirulnikoff

Pig Ears Gomphus Mushroom. Elphinstone

Pig Ears Gomphus Mushroom. Elphinstone. (c) Alan Sirulnikoff

Chanterelle. Elphinstone. (c) Alan Sirulnikoff

Chanterelle. Elphinstone. (c) Alan Sirulnikoff

Candystick. Elphinstone. (c) Alan Sirulnikoff

Candystick. Elphinstone. (c) Alan Sirulnikoff


Help Protect the Last of the Old Growth and Natural Mt. Elphinstone Forests!