Protect the Chanterelle Forest (LOST January 2018)


At 1-15-2018 – Injunction Lifted Letter DoS Request to Stop Work on Block EW28

At 1-2-2018 – SUCCESS – Interim Injunction Granted to Protect Chanterelle Forest

At 12-22-2017 – Supreme Court of BC issues a temporary injunction on SCCF and contractors:

At 11-30-2017 Action Required  – Chanterelle & Mt. E. Park update and action:

At 11-08-2017 This Forest is Currently Under Extreme Threat – SEE Latest Posts:


2004 provincial order for Forest Districts to set aside UWR, including for Elk – Sunshine Coast Forest District has not implemented this:


Protector of the Forest - Massive Roosevelt Elk greets us upon one of our visits to the Chanterelle Forest

Protector of the Forest – Massive Roosevelt Elk greets us upon one of our visits to the Chanterelle Forest


Latest Video on the Chanterelle Forest – Click Image to View

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The Chanterelle Forest’ is faced with logging by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF) – a logging operation owned by the Town of Sechelt. The area is surveyed for clearcut logging, and is one of 6 cutblocks planned by SCCF in the heavily logged out Wilson Creek Watershed.

This natural forest features the following ecology: average tree age 140-160 years, Old-Growth Douglas-fir ‘vets’, elk and bear trails, wildlife trees, and ideal growing conditions for a variety of fungi and lichen, including Chanterelle, Pine mushrooms and Coastal Reindeer lichen.

The forest is situated in the Wilson Creek Watershed, which has seen extensive forest removal in all areas. The lower sectionsof the watershed still contains several stands of older forests which SCCF has targeted. We must act now to stop this next forest from going down.

If you’re a mushroom picker, you may have returned to your favourite patch only to find it replaced with a clearcut. This forest supports several pickers with a seasonal cash crop, but if SCCF has their way the attributes of ‘The Chanterelle Forest’ will be wiped clean, and another site for sustainable wild food harvesting will be gone.
To View the latest Chanterelle Forest video click here

New Video – Secrets of the Chanterelle Forest from Elphinstone Logging Focus(ELF)

Help us protect this exceptional forest zone.
Send a quick email and request that Cutblock EW28 be canceled.

Send To: please email the Forest District Manager, requesting that he defer Blk EW28 until Elk habitat mapping is completed across its range. His address is:  derek.lefl

Mayor & Council –, Mayor of Sechelt Bruce Milne at,  and cc:Warren Paull
Chief of the Sechelt Indian Band-

Let them know that this proposed Block ‪#‎EW28‬ should be canceled for several environmental reasons, including its old-growth features.

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The District of Sechelt runs a logging company hiding behind the name of ‘Community Forest’, and has 6 cutblcoks planned in the mid-section of the Wilson Creek Watershed, Sunshine Coast, BC. Say YES to harvesting of wild, local foods and NO to industrial clearcut logging. Send a quick email to and request that Cutblock EW28 be canceled.  By doing so you will help protect an important wildcrafting site, and ensure that the natural forests of the Wilson Creek Watershed don’t get trashed. Note only 6% of the old-growth in this watershed is left standing.

‘The Chanterelle Forest’ lies within the traditional territory of the shishalh Nation.


To find this amazing place, drive up Field Rd (off Hwy 101), past the SCRD offices, take the right at the T-junction. Continue for approx. 2.5Km up this Forest Service Rd (on the way to Dakota Ski Area). Pass the powerlines, and on your right, look for the 2nd logging road with an orange tape at the entrance. Turn off and drive over a water bar. Now heading east, follow this road and you’ll begin to climb uphill. At the top, the road forks. Park here. Look for trailhead and sign in back of forest that has a large map showing you the trail loop and identifies key features. use at your risk.  Go to for more info.


Chanterelle and Fungal Forests in relation to SCRD offices

Chanterelle and Fungal Forests in relation to SCRD offices

Help Protect the Last of the Old Growth and Natural Mt. Elphinstone Forests!