Executive Summary – Top Reasons To Save Wilson Creek Forest

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Top reasons why the Wilson Creek Forest (Cutblock: EW002) should be protected from proposed logging by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest logging company (100% owned by District of Sechelt):

8.  Logging will further impact water flow and the accompanying bank erosion.

7.  Logging will further impact this salmon spawning creek.

6.  Logging will further impact the water supply for those that live below the proposed logging area.

5. It is a heavily logged out watershed that requires all intact forests to be left in their natural state to heal the damage. This watershed is already so disturbed that we believe no logging should occur anywhere within it, until there has been full hydrological recovery and folks downstream are no longer witnessing water pipes full of sand and silt, salmon spawning in opaque silt ridden water, or collapsing stream banks from higher, more violent peak stream flows

4. Serves as an important connection between 2 existing Old Growth Management Areas (OGMA). Removing it is poor land use planning.

3. Is a key parcel in the proposed 1,500Ha Mt Elphinstone Provincial Park Expansion.

2. Has more long-term value to the community left intact providing on-going environmental services.

1. And the Number 1 reason for full protection of the Wilson Creek Forest: Maturing, old growth Coastal Douglas-fir forests is At Risk and threatened eco-system province-wide.  It’s not enough to leave the old growth veteran Douglas Firs standing in the Wilson Cr. Forest while you cut all around them, that doesn’t protect that eco-system.

We cannot do this alone and we need your help.

An Easy Way For You to Make a Difference Right Now is to Just follow Our Easy 3 minute ‘Take Action Now Steps’ to Send an Email and Message (suggested message provided) to the People Related to the Specific Campaign(s) (also listed).


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