Protect Elphinstone Living Garden Forest – (BCTS) TFL A87126 Cutblock


Name Changed (Oct. 28/2024) to Save the Clack Creek Gallery Forest- (Formerly Protect Elphinstone Living Garden Forest)- (BCTS) TFL A87126 Cutblock

‘The Elphinstone Living Garden Forest’, is an intact forest, on the lower Mt Elphinstone slopes showing old-growth characteristics. Step-pool streams create ideal amphibian habitat. There’s evidence of elk, deer and bear. Huge dead-standing trees are slowly creating the next soil layer.

It’s a tranquil place that should be left for all-time.

Now the bad news: this forest is a BC Timber Sales (BCTS) TFL A87126 Cutblock now surveyed for clear-cut logging. Logging will do irreparable damage to the many other recorded values in place.

The area under question is between Clack & Gough Creeks along Roberts-Flume FSR Br. 1.

There’s been no public input on this proposed logging, because as we know, we live in a Timber State. Here’s your chance to see what’s up in this forest and what could be coming down. This area is shishalh (Sechelt) traditional territory, and within the proposed 1,500ha Mt. Elphinstone Prov. Park expansion. Note: TrailFest Wagon bike trail cuts through the surveyed block and will become part of a massive clear-cut. Mountain bikers will be concerned about the loss of this trail in a worldclass biking area.

Trail Walk and Take Action

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If you can’t make it out for the trail walk this Sunday, then email BCTS to oppose the logging. The contact is:

Meet: Roberts Creek Community Hall (upper parking lot)
When: Sunday, June 2
Time: 1PM

Additional details:
Trail Difficulty- medium
Should be in good health
Bring Snacks

For more information contact:
Elphinstone Logging Focus

Help Protect the Last of the Old Growth and Natural Mt. Elphinstone Forests!