Status Report – Cutblock A87124 – TrailFest Wagon Forest

The TrailFest Wagon Forest lies within the Proposed Mt. Elphinstone Park Expansion boundary – please also see the Status Update section within the Park Expansion Campaign for the latest information.

Date: March 11, 2012

Status:  Some bad news.  TrailFest-Wagon Forest, on the northern boundary of the proposed park expansion, has been awarded to a logging contractor – Continental Pole Ltd. It’s 29Ha in size and will leave behind a ugly clearcut scar on the slopes.  It will ruin all of the trails in the area, as there is no provision for buffers.  We’ve been hammering away at BCTS to cancel the block, or at least delay it for further studies.  You may have sent in an ELF produced mail-in card to Victoria.  You may have read Ian Jacques (Editor of the Coast Reporter) editorial requesting to BCTS to listen to the community’s wishes – all to no avail.  The majority of BCTS staff planning this cutblock, have never even set foot in this forest. To them, a functioning forest has Zero value. Its only until the trees are cut down and shipped off Coast that they assign a $ value to them.

You can contact the company that’s scheduled to log TrailFest-Wagon Forest and asked them to consider:
•not proceeding with logging, or,
•modify the plans and protect the trail system.

Turns out that they’re a value-added log home builder from Pemberton, BC (Continental Pole Ltd./Continental Log Homes) .  Could easily have been a raw log exporter.  Anyways, we’re still left with a hole in our bio-diversity.  Below is a sample letter you can send them which makes a statement & offers alternatives.

Thanks again for your support. Elphinstone Logging Focus

= = = = Sample letter Below= = = =

Continental Log Homes
PO Box 185
Pemberton, BC  V0N 2L0
Tel: 604-894-6449

Dear Continental Log Homes,
I’ve become aware that your company, Continental Log Homes, has been awarded a BC Timber Sale on Mt. Elphinstone (A87124) on the Sunshine Coast. Although, we support value-added wood industries, we wanted to being to your attention several community concerns about the area where these logs are coming from.  The block A87124 is known in our community as TralFest-Wagon Forest.  It is a de-facto park, due to its long-term use a recreational area for walking, hiking, mountain biking, mushroom gathering, 1st nations use, bird watching and is the headwaters of Flume Creek an important fish bearing stream.  This forest is a network of trails of all types, with no protection allocated for them in the BCTS’ Site Plan. These wonderful trails will be wiped outas there are no buffers around them.  many think that this is a complete oversight in the logging plan and shows no sensitivity to long-standing community wishes.

The BCTS cutblock plan is an industrial scale clearcut of 30Ha.  The site plan indicated a high risk to soil erosion and windthrow.  Please note that the TrailFest-Wagon Forest is also situated within the proposed Mt Elphinstone Prov. Park Expansion.  Today, appearing in the Coast Reporter newspaper is a full page ad informing the public of this official park expansion campaign.

We wanted to bring to your attention these facts of where the logs are coming from.  The area is not a tree farm. Its a living forest with many non-timber values.  We encourage your company to look for poles elsewhere – outside of a park expansion proposal area.  Or, at the least, ask BCTS to modify the cutblock plan and remove a much smaller area of the forest.

The Official Community Roberts Creek Plan (the area that encompasses Mt Elphinstone) has called for eco-forestry logging for over 20 years.   Eco-forestry can be defined, as small openings (6-8Ha) that mimics natural disturbances – seeking a balance between all values.   We need the trail system protected with buffers. If this was your backyard forest wouldn’t you not want trails you’ve enjoyed for years to be left intact so your kids and future generations can continue to enjoy (and the right to use) an historic trail system?

Your company has time to re-consider accepting this sale, or challenging BCTS to offer an eco-forestry plan with trail protection.  Thank you for considering the above points.  I look forward to your reply, so you can share your thoughts on this important matter with me.

your name and contact details

Date: February 10, 2012
Status: This Forest – a key northern forest in the proposed Elphinstone Park Expansion is severely threatened for Logging Sale by February 29th, 2012.  Please read the letters below and the current articles in the News and Media sections of the website and take action by going to the Get Involved tab and Take Action section.  It will only take you three minutes to send an email to make a difference in saving this forest.  All emails and sample messages are there for you to copy and paste into your email.

Date: February 10, 2012
See Media/Article –
Title: BCTS to Coast: cutblock will be sold
Publication: Coast Reporter – Front page

Date: February 6, 2012
Defer Sale of TSL A87124 – Trail Fest Wagon Forest – Penner- ELF email to Deputy Minister Jensen

Date: February 3, 2012
RCCA – Roberts Creek Community Association
RCCA expresses extreme concern over possible sale of BCTS Cutblock #A87124

Date: December 6, 2011

ELF Lettter to Tom Jensen Dec 6 -2011 – TSL A 87124 -Mount Elphinstone Park and Dakota Ridge

Take Action:  It is not too late to make your voice heard to save these forests.  Follow the Get Involved` tab and then Take Action“ tab to write an email – Everything is there to make it easy for you.  It will only take 3 minutes!

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