TrailFest – Wagon Forest – post logging

TrailFest - Wagon Forest - post logging

TrailFest – Wagon Forest – post logging

SONY DSC SONY DSCDate: February 27, 2013

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Another Public (Crown) Forest Land and Trail System Lost

TrailFest - Wagon Forest - post logging

TrailFest – Wagon Forest – post logging


TrailFest-Wagon Forest - TSL-A87124-Post-Logging-Feb-2013

TrailFest-Wagon Forest – TSL-A87124-Post-Logging-Feb-2013



Post Logging Trailfest Wagon Forest
This series of images show the devastation inflicted upon the TrailFest-Wagon Forest on the Elphinstone slopes.

The logging was issued by BC Timber Sales (an arm of the Ministry of Forests) who contracted the logging to US-owned Bell Telephone Co. who runs a processing plant in Vernon. The block was A87124 and backs onto the giant clearcut done by the private landowner, CNI on the way to Dakota Ridge Ski Area. The majority of the trees were made into telephone poles, sold into the USA and we on the Coast were left with the aftermath of a landscape reduced to Ground Zero.

This logging took place in late Summer of 2011 by a crew from Powell River against the wishes of ELF and our supporters. Many efforts were made to protect this popular forest and trails that ran through it, including guided walks, letter writing, mail-in postcards, discussions with all levels of government, and finally a 2-day roadblock. An Injunction was served against ELF and supporters by a Judge in Vernon which ended the attempts to save it.

These pictures were taken in February 2013 after a winter storm in early Dec. 2012. A 2Ha Wildlife Tree Patch received extensive damage after the storm. It’s estimated that 30% of the trees have blown down rendering it useless. ELF warned Forest Planners of the absurdity of leaving a patch of trees fully exposed on this bare slope, however the advise was not followed and the implications of poor planning are evident.

The Elphinstone slopes have been badly managed with now up to 50% of the area logged. The only good news of late is that our local MLA Nicholas Simons has publicly stated that he’s favour of a Local Regional Use Plan (LRUP) for the Sunshine Coast which would finally open up public consultations on future planning of public forest Crown lands (unceded shishalh territory).

In the meantime, BC Timber Sales has other blocks planned in the area for 2014. One borders Clack Creek, another in the Roberts Creek Headwaters Ancient Forest and a further to the east in Dakota Bowl. Its urgent that folks interested in forest conservation write to the following decision-makers and say Enough is Enough. Stay off the Elphinstone slopes and out of Dakota Bowl.

Industrial Forestry is Broken. It robs the land of its inherent Bio-Diversity and must stop. These pictures tell the story of total disregard for forest ecology and a lack of understanding of how to control the Industrial Logging Machine.

Please write one short letter and address it to the following contacts:

Nicholas Simons
Sunshine Coast MLA

Norm Kempe
BCTS Forest Planner

Doug Konkin
Deputy Minister of Forests

Sunshine Coast Forest District

Help Protect the Last of the Old Growth and Natural Mt. Elphinstone Forests!