BCTS slash pile burning on B+K Rd. above Roberts Creek

October 14, 2011 |Sunshine Coast| Roberts Creek

Ongoing BCTS cut block slash pile burning is harming our air quality and contributing to global warming.

BCTS is burning multiple cut block slash (logs and debris) piles on a recently logged cut block up the B+K Rd, 3.6 km above the coastal highway at Roberts Creek and just above the Elphinstone Provincial Park (See Attached Pictures Below).  This is the way logged areas are ‘cleaned up’ by burning the multiple piles of logs and debris that are left behind after logging.

Elphinstone Logging Focus Asks the Following Questions:

  1. What about the Roberts Creek burning bylaw?
  2. Who is measuring the carbon output on this?
  3. What about Global warming and our air quality?
  4. While residents need to obey the burning bylaw (SCRD has back yard burning restrictions in place) BCTS is burning multiple slash piles, on just one of its recent cut blocks, 3.6 km above Roberts Creek on the B+K Rd.  Should not the local level of government (SCRD) be in control of monitoring air emissions and issuing burn permits?  Are not governments supposed to lead by example?
  5. What is wrong with this picture?  We as residents are all doing our part to improve the air quality and stop global warming by stopping back yard burning, yet BCTS and the logging industry still are allowed to continue burning massive slash piles.  Just several of these slash piles burned are equivalent to all the yard burning residents in Roberts Creek could do in one season.  Burning just a few of these slash piles could wipe out any air quality gains made by residents.


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