ELF’s Forest Protection Record

ELF Logo-smail 2016-01-15_13-42-54ELF’s environmental campaigns have resulted in either the forests being protected, canceled, or lost to logging. The list below includes the Cutblock #, followed by the name ELF has given to the forest, and status change, i.e.: OGMA. If no status was given by The Province, then the notation ‘canceled’ is made, meaning that logging was stopped, however no permanent decision made on a new status.  

Out of 9 campaigns that ELF has conducted, only 2 have been logged.

A84612: WC 45 and WC22 (‘Dakota Ridge Ancient Forest’)

  • OGMA: Old-Growth Management Area

A84612: DK 45 (‘Roberts Creek Headwaters Ancient Forest’)

  • OGMA, with Ecological Reserve status proposed

G042C16Y (‘Heart of the Park Forest’)

  • OGMA

A87126: (‘Clack Creek Gallery Forest’)

  • Canceled new status pending

A79517 (‘Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary’)

  • Road Construction stopped, On-Going

A91376 (‘Reed Rd Forest Reserve’)

  • Canceled new status pending

A89069 (‘McNeil Lake Forest Reserve’)

  • Canceled one block: new status pending

District Lot 2674 (‘Day Rd Forest Reserve’)

  • On-going

EW028 (‘The Chanterelle Forest’)

  • On-going

A87125 (‘Twist & Shout Forest’)

  • On-going

EW022 (‘Wilson Creek Forest’)

  • Logged by ‘Community Forests 2012

A87124 (‘Trailfest-Wagon Forest’)

  • Logged by BC Timber Sales 2013


‘A Conservation Review of the Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park Expansion Proposal Sunshine Coast, BC’ (McCrory Wildlife Services). ‘Black Bear Den Field Surveys on Dakota Ridge’ (McCrory Wildlife Services). Dakota CMT Review (Millennia Research Ltd)

‘Withholding Water Science in the Wilson Watershed’ (BC Tap Water Alliance)

To Download ELF’s Forest Campaign Record in a pdf file click here: 



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