DBBS – Chronology of Commissioned Research Reports:

July 2015 – McCroryWildlife Services Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary Black Bear den study completed

ELF recently commisioned the first black bear den study on the Sunshine Coast completed by McCrory Wildlife Services. McCrory concluded that if logging proceeds in our ‘Dakota Bear Sanctuary’ it will destroy up to 12 dens in one block and 16 in another, higher elevation block.

He states “….I am of the opinion that back bear den activity may be concentrated on Dakota Ridge not just due to old-growth structural availability, but due to the extensive loss of similar habitat in the surrounding region from clearcut logging.”

Thus, the bears need all of this habitat to have a viable population, and depend on us to help save what remains.

To read the full McCrory report, please click here on this link:


Dakota Bowl Bear Den Study McCrory 27 July 2015 FINAL

July 2014 – Dakota Bowl tree coring report  (Snowline Research) Identifies Key Information on the Age and Characteristics of  The Trees in this Ancient Forest.

Dakota Bowl tree coring report July 2014 (Snowline Research)

July  2014 – Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs) Identified  – 01/07/2014  –  Jim W. Stafford – Archaeologist – Please find attached the results from a Preliminary Field Reconnaissance of cutblock DK44. As indicated in the report, the survey resulted in the identification of many scarred yellow cedar trees, several of which we are confident are CMTs and many others which are uncertain and deserve further inspection. I have recommended that an archaeological impact assessment of this block, and the others in the vicinity (i.e. DK42-44b), take place prior to development.

Dakota Ridge DK42-44 PFR Letter Report FINAL


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