2018 – Research Reports

Update 7-30-2018:

Ecological Report Suggests Protection of Two Key Forests:

1 – Ecological-Study-of-Two-Proposed-Cutblocks

2 – Ecological Reconnaissance of BCTS Blocks A93884 and A91376

SCCF Management Plan #3 (ELF review) Aug 2018

ELF Report Rare Sitka Spruce Stand Located

Chapman Creek Watershed riparian setback issue Aug. ’18

Forest Practices Board Report – Managing At-Risk Plant Communities Near Mount Elphinstone Park concludes that ‘The Twist Shout Forest’ (BCTS Timber Sale Block A87125) should have been protected.  Read the full report at the link below:


See also the Twist and Shout Campaign Campaign page located under Campaigns.



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