A Conservation Review Of The Elphinstone Prov. Park Expansion Proposal

Wayne McCrory – one of Canada’s leading conservation-biologists, has completed an ecological review of the 2,000Ha lower Elphinstone forests that is the subject of a park expansion & protection area. Wayne conducted field studies, compiled and analysed existing data and has now completed a break-through report on our Elphinstone forest. He makes a compelling case for protection of this lower elevation, emerging old-growth forest. To avoid creating 'islands of extinction' due to having 3 isolated park zones as is the present case, McCrory's recommendation is to secure a 2,000Ha zone that will provide adequate buffer zones for the 3 park parcels, and in doing so help to maintain the viability of this blue-listed ecosystem.

McCrory Review - Support the Park Expansion Proposal


ELF Walk – Chanterelle Forest – Sunday, November 22, 2015 – Meet 1 PM – SCRD Offices on Field Road

Where: Join Us for a Walk through the threatened Chanterelle Forest   When: this Sunday, November 22, 2015  Meet:  1 PM  - SCRD Offices on Field Rd Time and Conditions: 3 to 4 hours, with some steep sections, you should be in moderate condition….dress accordingly and bring water and snacks.   TIME TO PROTECT THE CHANTERELLE [...]

Vancouver Sun – B.C. suspends sale of ancient forest on Sunshine Coast identified as hot spot for bear dens

Environmentalists who blocked construction of a forestry road on the Sunshine Coast for more than five weeks have won a temporary victory in their bid to stop logging of an old-growth forest identified as a prime spot for black bear dens. …to read the full article click here.

CBC News Reports – Logging protesters win temporary victory on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast

Protesters fighting plans to log an old-growth forest on the Sunshine Coast are celebrating a temporary victory after construction of a logging road was halted temporarily. The protesters, who have set up camp near Roberts Creek, say the area is an important bear habitat that will be destroyed if the trees come down. Hans Penner has [...]

ELF forms blocade to protect the Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary

ELF forms blockade to save the Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary from being destroyed by BCTS logging

By Coast Reporter  CHRISTINE WOOD/ SENIOR STAFF WRITER, AUGUST 13, 2015 Protesters with Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) stand together to block the Dakota Creek forest service road, which is currently being rebuilt to allow logging in an area ELF has described as a black bear sanctuary.   - Photo Submitted by ELF  Members of Elphinstone Logging Focus [...]

McCrory Wildlife Services bear den inspection

McCrory Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary Black Bear den study now available

McCrory Wildlife Services Black Bear den study now available for downloading. BC Timber Sales (BCTS) is attempting to reopen the Dakota Creek Forest Service Rd. to gain access several old-growth forests that are referred to locally as ‘The Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary’. As of August 10th, a roadblock has been set-up at the beginning of [...]

Save the Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary - Event August 9, 2015

Time to Save The Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary – Event – August 9th

http://www.loggingfocus.org/campaigns/dakota-bowl-bear-sanctuary-needs-protection/ Mark your calendars: Sunday, August 9th to join ELF and participate in a photo-op to send a strong message that this community is opposed to the logging of ‘The Dakota Bowl Bear Sanctuary’. After this we’ll be taking a walk through the nearby (and easily accessible) ‘Roberts Creek Headwaters Forest’. BC Timber Sales (BCTS) [...]