A Conservation Review Of The Elphinstone Prov. Park Expansion Proposal

Wayne McCrory – one of Canada’s leading conservation-biologists, has completed an ecological review of the 2,000Ha lower Elphinstone forests that is the subject of a park expansion & protection area. Wayne conducted field studies, compiled and analysed existing data and has now completed a break-through report on our Elphinstone forest. He makes a compelling case for protection of this lower elevation, emerging old-growth forest. To avoid creating 'islands of extinction' due to having 3 isolated park zones as is the present case, McCrory's recommendation is to secure a 2,000Ha zone that will provide adequate buffer zones for the 3 park parcels, and in doing so help to maintain the viability of this blue-listed ecosystem.

McCrory Review - Support the Park Expansion Proposal

Help save Mount Elphinstone’s endangered forests and write your letter today!

Help save Mount Elphinstone’s endangered forests and write your letter today!

WRITE WILD: SAVE MOUNT ELPHINSTONE’S ENDANGERED FORESTS! Please cancel logging plans for BC Timber Sales Block A87125.  Over half the trees in the area of forest known as BC Timber Sales Block A87125 are Douglas firs, with a mix of western hemlock and red cedar. The logging plans would leave a few of the biggest [...]

Sierra Club Statement on BCTS A87125 (Elphinstone)

STATEMENT: COMPROMISED BC TIMBER SALES CUTBLOCK BIDDING THREATENS ELPHINSTONE PARK EXPANSION INITIATIVE Sierra Club BC is asking BC Timber Sales to hold off auctioning cutblock A87125 in the highly fragmented landscape near Elphinstone Provincial Park. A recent Sierra Club BC analysis of remaining intact forests shows this area among those with the highest levels of [...]

ELF Delegation to the SCRD Board – May 26, 2016

DELEGATION TO SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT BOARD Thursday, May 26, 2016 From: Ross Muirhead, Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) Re: AJB/Surespan Private Lands in the Chapman Creek Drinking Watershed Thank you for your time today. As you know, ELF maintained a 24/7 roadblock for almost 3 months this past winter preventing AJB/Surespan from further logging in the [...]

Twist and Shout Forest Walk – 2016-05-10_17-35-52

Forest Walk – Sunday, May 15th at 10:30AM — ALERT: Key Elphinstone Forest – Twist & Shout – Scheduled to be Logged

ALERT: MIDDLE OF MT. ELPHINSTONE PARK EXPANSION AREA SLATED FOR LOGGING Elphinstone Logging Focus was informed by BC Timber Sales (BCTS) that ‘The Twist & Shout Forest’ (Block A87125) is now up for sale (to be logged) in a critical central area of the 2100 Ha Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park expansion area. The park expansion [...]

Guided tour of ‘The Chanterelle Forest’ – Saturday, May 7th, 2016

Join ELF on an guided tour of ‘The Chanterelle Forest’ and discover the secrets of this amazing forest zone. This Saturday (May 7th) @ 10:30AM. Meet in the SCRD parking lot up Field Rd. 3 hr round trip. For more information on this campaign go to: http://www.loggingfocus.org/campaigns/protect-the-chanterelle-forest

Chapman Creek Drinking Watershed Injunction Hearing (Ruling)

Dear Mr. Nohr, Ms. Loveys, and SCRD Board, We received a ruling this morning (Friday, April 22, 2016) that the Court has granted the Injunction to AJB/Surespan to have the road blockade removed. The RCMP can enforce the Injunction Monday, April 25th. While ELF is disappointed in the narrow ruling, we will respect the decision [...]